Your audition

If you live in Europe, you must audition in London in December.

Other international candidates are strongly advised to audition in London. Auditions for some studies are also held in North America, Australia and Asia, and auditions for Conducting, Choral Conducting and Repetiteur are held in London in the Spring term.

Audition requirements

Please see the relevant department pages for details about auditions for your specialism. Auditions will last from 20 to 30 minutes. As time is limited, you may be interrupted before you have performed a complete piece.

You may be given sight-reading or quick study tests. Instrumentalists may be asked to play scales, arpeggios, etc to ABRSM Grade 8 standard. Please check the audition details on the web pages for your Principal Study department.

To help us stream undergraduate (Bachelor degree, Gap Year, Organ Foundation) candidates into the most appropriate classes they may be asked some questions about a short extract of music, and be asked to take some aural skills assessments consisting of a sight-singing test and some of the following:
- singing the middle notes in a chord
- identification of intervals
- sight reading of rhythms
- sight reading of two simultaneous different rhythms, to be sung and clapped.
Sorry, we cannot issue specimen tests.

You may be asked to perform again to a second panel, and may be asked to have an academic interview. The whole audition process is normally completed in one day, though Opera and Musical Theatre candidates may be asked to return for recalls at a later date.


You are strongly advised to bring your own accompanist if your audition repertoire requires accompaniment, but if you cannot do this, the Academy provides a pool of accompanists for the London auditions in December, and an accompanist is normally available at our New York auditions. There is no charge for using an Academy accompanist, and you will be allocated a short rehearsal with them in your warmup time immediately before your audition. We regret we cannot arrange additional rehearsal time before the audition date, allocate accompanists in advance, or receive music copies in advance; please remember that technically challenging accompaniments can be difficult to master in the warm-up slot that will precede your audition.

Candidates with access requirements

If you have indicated that you will need some help or particular arrangements to attend the audition, the Registry will normally contact you before the audition to find out how we can assist you. The Academy ensures that people with disabilities or other access requirements are not put to any disadvantage, and are not treated any less favourably than other students, staff and members of the public. Information disclosed to the Academy by students or staff will be treated in confidence and every effort will be made to meet individuals' needs within the Academy.

Video auditions

The Academy will accept video performances instead of a live audition for most Principal Studies, from candidates who do not live within the European Union, however please check here for details.