The Students’ Union plays a key role in Academy life. Whether you’d like to join a specific club, need advice from a friendly face or just want to make sure you don’t miss out on the best social events, we’re here for you.

Every enrolled student is automatically a member of the Students’ Union (SU). The academic year starts with Freshers’ Week, which is a great time to explore all the clubs on offer (but you’re welcome to sign up to any of our societies at any time). Other social highlights include the Christmas Party and Summer Ball.

We hold regular jazz jams, yoga classes and pub quizzes, and we often work alongside charities including Movember, Brake and Pets As Therapy. We have an ever-growing list of student-led clubs, including our LGBTQIA+, Ethnic Diversity and Feminist Societies, as well as football, basketball and cricket teams. Check out the full list of clubs and societies below, and if you want to set up your own, we’re always happy to help.

From cricket to karaoke and cake sales to cocktail nights, there’s plenty to keep you busy wherever your interests lie.
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Clubs and Societies

  • RAM Basketball
  • RAM CC (Cricket)
  • RAM Chess Club
  • RAM Christian Union
  • RAMDram (Drama Society)
  • RAM Ethnic Diversity Society
  • RAM FC (Football)
  • RAM Feminist Society
  • RAM LGBTQIA+ Society
  • RAM Netball
  • RAMpage Newspaper
  • RAM Runners
  • RAM SU Choir
  • RAM Yoga
Students sit outside socialising

Your Students' Union representatives

Working alongside the Students’ Union President are five student representatives – an Undergraduate Rep, a Postgraduate Rep, an International Rep, an Equality and Diversity Rep and an Events and Societies Rep. This makes up the RAMSU Committee, who are also supported by a Sub-Team of four current students.

The forum for student views on any aspects of Academy life is the Student-Staff Liaison Committee. Discussions here include difficulties faced by the student body including matters to do with accommodation, student support, finance and everything in-between. This committee meets once per term and students can raise any concerns through their representatives or attend the meeting themselves.

Your SU Team works together to create the best possible environment for students and ensure that their voices are represented at all levels of the Academy.


'With the help of my RAM “parent”, I have been able to settle into my new environment with ease and feel at home immediately'
Isaac, second-year PhD student

RAMfam is a buddy system that assigns each new student a ‘family’ when they arrive at the Academy. Look out for details of your RAMfam Parent at the start of the year – ‘parents’ are students who have been here for at least a year, so they know how everything works and will be able to answer any questions you have.

If you feel you need support at any point during your first year, your RAMfam Parent is a great contact for you to have.

Isaac, a second-year PhD student, has found RAMfam a big help;

‘Unfortunately, I was away during orientation week and everything was completely new and foreign to me when I first stepped into the Royal Academy of Music, from navigating my way through the building to living in London,’ he says. ‘However, with the help of my RAMfam “parent”, I have been able to settle into my new environment with ease and feel at home immediately. Just knowing you’ve got someone who can answer your questions makes you feel a lot less alone, and we have catch-ups now and again when my buddy checks I’m doing okay.’

University of London Societies

As a member institution of the University of London (UoL), we also have access to hundreds more societies and clubs including Skydiving and Dancesport to name just a couple. On top of the wide range of activities on offer, some students find value in meeting like-minded people around London.

Students' Union Constitution

Read the latest version below: