The Students’ Union plays a key role in Academy life

Whether you’d like to join a specific club, need advice from a friendly face or just want to make sure you don’t miss out on the best social events, we’re here for you.

Every enrolled student is automatically a member of the Students’ Union (SU). The academic year starts with Freshers’ Week, which kickstarts our wide range of social events. Other highlights include the Boat Party on the River Thames, our Christmas Party and Summer Ball.

We hold regular jazz jams, board games nights, film nights and pub quizzes, and we often work alongside charities including Movember and Therapy Dogs Nationwide. We have an ever-growing list of student-led clubs, including our LGBTQIA+, Feminist and African-Caribbean Societies, as well as football, basketball and tag rugby teams. Check out the full list of clubs and societies below.

From running to karaoke and cake sales to cocktail nights, there’s plenty to keep you busy wherever your interests lie. See our website, Facebook page and Instagram account for more details.

Your SU Team works together to create the best possible environment for students and ensure that their voices are represented at all levels of the Academy.

The forum for student views on any aspects of Academy life is the Student-Staff Liaison Committee. Discussions here include difficulties faced by the student body including matters to do with accommodation, student support, finance and everything in-between. This committee meets once per term and students can raise any concerns through their representatives or attend the meeting themselves.

President of the Students' Union

Tiffany Qiu

The SU President is the principal channel of communication between the SU and the Academy. The President attends all major boards and committees – including the Governing Body and the Academic and Programme Boards – to make sure any concerns are addressed at the highest level.

Belonging Representative

Megan Humphries

The Equality and Diversity Representative is responsible for ensuring there is fair representation within the RAMSU. They liaise with the Academy and SU Societies on matters pertaining to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Access & Participation in order to ensure the interests of particular student groups are recognised and developed.

Postgraduate Representative

Rory Mann

The Postgraduate Representative is responsible for postgraduate programmes representation and advice services of the SU. They ensure that all matters relating to postgraduate programmes are brought to the attention of the Head of Postgraduate Programmes as well as attending the relevant committees and boards.

Undergraduate Representative

Natasha Da Costa

The Undergraduate Representative is responsible for undergraduate programmes representation and advice services of the SU. They ensure that all matters relating to undergraduate programmes are brought to the attention of the Head of Undergraduate Programmes as well as attending the relevant committees and boards.

Events and Societies Representative

Munro Ashton

The Events and Societies Representative organises and publicises a variety of events each year to reflect the interests of all sections of the student body. They also administer and support all RAMSU clubs and societies in conjunction with the President.

International Representative

Stephanie Ding Draughon

The International Representative is responsible for the co-ordination of the welfare, rights, and advice services of the RAMSU to international students. This includes assisting students with issues such as visas, housing, and life in the UK and London. In conjunction with the Events and Societies Rep, they also organise a range of events tailored to international students.


  • Lisa Archontidi-Tsaldaraki
  • Mihaly Gyorfi
  • Ruby Howells
  • Sophie Rogan
  • RAM African Carribean Society (ACS)
  • RAM Art House Movie Club
  • RAM Basketball
  • RAM Board Game Society
  • RAM Brass Band Society
  • RAM Christian Union (CU)
  • RAM Feminist Society (FemSoc)
  • RAM Football Club (FC)
  • RAM LGBTQIA+ Society
  • RAM Mahjong Society
  • RAMpage News
  • RAM Quentin Tarantino Appreciation Society
  • RAM Radio Society
  • RAM Runners
  • RAM Tag Rubgy Society
  • SU Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) Committee

As a member institution of the University of London (UoL), we also have access to hundreds more societies and clubs including Skydiving and Dancesport to name just a couple. On top of the wide range of activities on offer, some students find value in meeting like-minded people around London.