Ready to audition? We’d love to hear you perform and learn more about what makes you tick musically

We’re here to seek out the promise of today and create the virtuosos of tomorrow – the audition process helps us to do that. Everyone is assessed who makes a complete on-time application.

We know it might seem daunting, but we’re very approachable! It’s not so much about what you already know as what we think you’re capable of achieving, and whether we can help you on that journey. It’s also a chance for you to find out if we’re the right fit for you.

In this section, you can find out more about dates, and what to do for your audition.

'My Academy audition was such a positive experience. The staff and students were so welcoming – they really made me feel like I would be part of a family.'


For more information about specific audition requirements, such as the kind of pieces you should play (or present if you are a composer), please take a look at the relevant Department page and on our video auditions page.

Remember also to create your Acceptd profile after you've made your UCAS Conservatoires application. Advice on how to do this is also included in our Department pages.

Candidates are recruited on the basis of their musical abilities and potential. We welcome enquiries and applications from students with disabilities.

Whether you have learning difficulties, mobility problems or a long-term health condition, we want you to feel that you have the support you need to audition at the Academy.

How to tell us about a disability

When filling out your UCAS Conservatoires application, please let us know of any disabilities or access requirements by using the drop-down menu on the form.

After your application has been processed, the Academy Registry will contact you before the audition to find out how we can assist you.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to get in touch by email

Our policy

Please be assured that information disclosed to the Academy will be treated in confidence and every effort will be made to meet your needs within the Academy.

See also

Access and disability

Belonging Scheme

Dates, locations and fees

For 2025 entry we are offering in-person auditions in London and New York, and for most specialisms video auditions for candidates unable to travel to our audition centres.

Guidance for submitting video applications is in the section on video auditions.

Application deadlines are in the Your Application section.

All applicants will be considered for a scholarship award, irrespective of whether or not they choose a video or live audition.

Visit Travelling to the Academy for information about how to get here. The application deadlines are published in the 'Your Application' section.

Main auditionsThese will be on weekdays during the period Monday 2 December to Friday 13 December 2024.
Composition interviewsMonday 2 to Friday 6 December 2024. (Portfolio submission deadline 2 October 2024)
Musical Direction and CoachingRecalls in January 2025
Orchestral Conducting (second round)February 2025, dates to be confirmed. (First round video submission deadline 15 November 2024, 9am UK time)
Choral Conducting (second round)March 2025, dates to be confirmed (First round video submission deadline 6 January 2025, midday UK time)
CPD: Creative Music Leadership
Mid-to-late February. (First round document deadline 17 January 2025, midday UK time)
Recalls in March 2025. (First round video submission by 17 January 2025, midday UK time)
MPhil/PhD (interviews)
March 2025
Musical TheatreRecalls in April 2025

The information below is relevant for 2025 entry.

Academy auditions are planned to be held in New York in February 2025.
(Musical Theatre Performance has separate requirements and may have recalls in New York and Sydney - dates to be confirmed).

However, some Principal Studies are only auditioned in London or by video - these are shown in the list below and you will need to apply by the relevant deadline for a London audition or video application:

  • Opera
  • Jazz
  • Composition
  • Research Degree (Composition or Performance Practice)
Second round recalls are in-person only in London, not by video, for these Principal Studies:
  • Conducting
  • Choral Conducting
  • Répétiteur

It may not be possible to audition candidates for Harp, Percussion, Organ or Historical Performance at our host venue, so please email before completing your UCAS Conservatoires application. Don’t worry, though, video auditions are another option for these Principal Studies: details of how to apply and what to perform (or present if you are a composer) can be found in the in the 'Audition Requirements' area of the relevant Department pages, and on our video auditions page.


The application deadline for New York is 1 November 2024 at 12.00 midday UK time.
(21 February 2025 for Musical Theatre Performance which has separate requirements and is also planning to hold recalls in Sydney.)

By this time, you need to submit:

  • your UCAS Conservatoires application, and also
  • your Acceptd portal application profile which should include:
    • videos of your pre-screening audition repertoire and your spoken English introduction
    • referee contact details
    • any written requirements required for your course choice.

Please consult our Candidate Guide to Acceptd.

We will notify you by mid-January if you have been selected to progress from the pre-screening assessment.

Audition requirements

The audition pre-screening repertoire requirements for New York are the same as for a video audition (details are on the relevant department page). If you progress to an in-person recall the requirements are the same as for a London audition except that the audition length may be different.

Ensemble Piano candidates will need to bring their own soloists to the recall audition.

Please note that if the Academy should not hold live recall auditions in New York, we will assess your pre-screening video as your audition performance, and you may also be invited to have an online interview.

Visa advice

If you do not have an EEA or Swiss passport you will probably need a visitor visa to attend an audition in London.

We are happy to help with the process and can provide an invitation letter to support your application. Please contact if you have completed your UCAS Conservatoires application and wish to travel to the Academy. All applicants will be considered for a scholarship award, irrespective of whether they audition in person or by video.

Unfortunately, we are not able to support visa applications for audition venues outside the UK.

For information about visas for study, see Visas and Immigration.

The Academy assesses every person who applies on time, and we receive around 2,500 applications each year. The assessments, whether in-person or via a pre-recorded video, are processed by our Admissions Team and then assessed by several people, depending on how far they progress. The fee covers the costs of those staff. Details about the fees you need to pay are published on the 'Apply' page under Application fees.

We offer application fee waivers, along with travel fee waivers when we’re holding in-person auditions. You can find out how to apply for a fee waiver on the 'Apply' page under Application fee waivers.

What to expect

We want you to feel prepared for your audition, so here’s all you need to know about what to expect on the day, and what happens afterwards.

'From my first audition, the atmosphere at the Academy drew me in. It was so inspiring, warm and welcoming. I got such a wonderful feeling, I just knew I wanted to study here.'

  • Approach the audition like a concert. Arrive in good time, make sure you have everything you will need and dress comfortably. Formal concert dress is not required.
  • Be prepared. If you’re not ready, it might be better to wait a year.
  • Try to enjoy yourself. We want you to do your best.
  • Put the audition in perspective. Whatever the outcome, the world is big and the possibilities endless if you have ability and perseverance.

Practical tips

  • Playing from memory is not essential, but try not to be ‘glued’ to your music.
  • It’s a good idea to practise walking in, settling down, and tuning up, and playing in unfamiliar settings in front of friends and family.
  • November and December are cold months. We recommend you wear gloves on the way here.
  • Make sure you are not dehydrated or hungry before your audition.
  • On the day, tune carefully, but try not to take up too much of your audition time tuning up.

The Academy has a pool of accompanists for auditions in London. There is no charge for using an Academy accompanist, and you will be allocated a rehearsal with them in your warm-up time immediately before your audition.

Ensemble Piano candidates should consult the Ensemble Piano audition page for guidance.

Please note, it’s not possible for us to arrange additional rehearsal time before the audition date, to allocate accompanists in advance, or to receive music copies in advance.

We do not require advance notice of your programme, but if you are not bringing standard repertoire please remember that technically challenging accompaniments can be difficult to master in the rehearsal time allocated before your audition.

When you arrive for your audition, you will be given practice time, usually at least 20 minutes immediately before your audition. If you would like more practice time beforehand, here is a list of commercial practice facilities in London:

  • Jaques Samuel Pianos Ltd
    142 Edgware Road, Marble Arch, London W2 2DZ
    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7723 8818
  • Peregrine’s Pianos
    137A Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8TU
    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7242 9865
  • Kafri Studios
    Arch 357 Laburnum Street, London E2 8BB
    Telephone: +44 (0)20 8616 0233 or mobile +44 (0)7828 254458
  • Craxton Studios
    14 Kidderpore Avenue, London NW3 7SU
    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7435 2965
  • The Music Studios
    29 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2NQ
    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7486 0025

Also see London Rehearsal Studios for other suggestions.

Rehearsal and performance spaces are available to rent at, mushRoom and PianoMe.

What happens next

Audition results will be displayed in your UCAS Conservatoires Hub as soon as possible at the end of the audition session. For our main auditions in December, results are usually available before Christmas.

See the 'Understanding your result' page for more information about results codes and what they mean.