We know how competitive the music business is for our graduates.

That is why the focus of the Artist Development provision is to empower you - the next generation of professional musicians - to make the most of your individual skills when you leave. In light of the recent Covid 19 crisis, it is more important than ever that you have the most up to date industry knowledge and know-how. With specialisms and contacts across the music world, our team has the expertise to prepare you practically, creatively and strategically for a sustainable and fulfilling career.

Talks, seminars, workshops, one-to-one sessions

Our talks and seminars are designed to develop your core artist skills, self-knowledge, and professional awareness. They cover a comprehensive range of practical subjects, including preparing professional documents, auditioning well, how to get funding, working with online content, personal recording techniques, self-employed finances, how to get teaching work, and how to practise effectively. We consider your creative and career options, with talks and workshops on effective concert programming, orchestral life, working with promoters, and producing and creating your own projects. We engage with health and wellbeing concerns for musicians, inviting speakers who are experts on injury prevention and psychological resilience.

Artist Development

It is important that we give you a broad range of experiences to draw on, because you never know what direction your music-making might take you. With this in mind, as well as our lectures and events, there are ongoing one-off sessions throughout the year, honing in on more specialised areas, such as West-End work, writing for video games, TV and film, and the improvising musician. Our events and talks are run by the team, by other Academy specialists, and by invited experts from all fields of music, including established solo artists, orchestral fixers, musicians who have started their own companies, agents and festival directors.

Meetings with the Artist Development team

We are available to give one-to-one career guidance sessions by appointment, should you ever need our advice. Our team has specialisms in orchestral life, chamber music, opera, new music, interdisciplinary work, producing and fundraising, so there is almost nothing we can’t help you with. In addition, during the undergraduate programme, we ask each of you to attend a meeting with one of us, to assess and discuss your creative and career development.

By the end of your time at the Academy, you should feel confident to make bold artistic choices, and to make your career in music whatever you want it to be.