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The Royal Academy of Music attributes its reputation as one of the finest conservatoires in the world to the exceptionally gifted students who arrive on its doorstep each year and to the world-class teaching staff and luminaries who train them. We believe musical talent should not be impeded by financial constraint and we are therefore dedicated to raising funds for the talented and needy. Our collective desire to promote outstanding achievement is reflected in our recent successes in raising new funds.

The Academy distributes significant amounts of funding each year.

Our funding supports undergraduate and postgraduate students from the UK, the EU and other countries overseas. Funding is awarded based on both merit and need. In a few cases we can assist students in extreme financial hardship. We rely on the generosity of individuals and charitable organisations to provide financial support for our students and every effort is made to increase the amount available to us on an annual basis.

Searching for Funds

Searching for funds can take time and requires a certain amount of dedication. The information here is intended to help make the task simpler.

You should begin your search for financial support as early as possible. Whilst there are many lists to trawl and websites to visit, be proactive in getting yourself known to people and try to be inventive in the way you fundraise. Don’t be afraid to approach local businesses and/or others within your community to see whether they might be able to help you. Spread your net wide and don’t just concentrate on people who support music. You may be surprised at what other categories of support are available and to which you might be entitled – for instance, some funders concentrate on people of specific nationality, religion, upbringing etc. The possibilities can be very wide-ranging.

When writing an application for funding, be sure to provide the fullest picture. Successful applications are, more often than not, those that demonstrate successes to date, goals and achievements, aspirations looking forward, as well as an honest outline of financial resources already in place, hoped-for and required. Funders rarely provide students with everything they ask for, so try to demonstrate creativity in financial management as much as you would your artistic ability.

Academy Entrance Scholarships

Information about Entrance Scholarships is available on our scholarships page.

Other financial support

The Royal Academy of Music is delighted that the UK Government has confirmed that European Union (EU) students who begin their study programme in September 2018 will be eligible for undergraduate and masters financial support. The Government announcement can be found on this webpage.

For UK and EU Undergraduate students

Information about tuition fee loans, means-tested fee waivers and hardship funds.

For UK and EU Masters students

Information about the new Postgraduate Student Loan.

For all Postgraduate and all International students

Information about bursaries, hardship funds and other funding sources. 

For Academy Specific Scholarships

Information about ABRSM, Athena, Julian Bream Trust Scholarships and International Students House Residential Awards.