Make your event truly special

'It was one of the highlights of the wedding as [Declan] played so beautifully and also was such a lovely and easy going person.'
Christina, client

Performance is a way of life at the Academy, and a vital part of our students' training.

If you’re planning a wedding, party or corporate event, talented musicians from the Royal Academy of Music will make the occasion truly memorable.

Our classical soloists, string quartets, pianists, jazz musicians, singers and more can provide standout performances or background music to complement the event.

You will experience and support the next generation of musical talent and we will work with you to select the musicians most suited to your event and ensure a stress-free process.

'External bookings provides great opportunities for us to perform in a variety of different venues around London and beyond. It has given us a wider audience for our music and fostered connections that have helped springboard our careers.'

Zac Taylor-Schindler

Musicians available


  • Classical pianists (pianos must be provided by venue)
  • Solo violin and/or cello (with or without accompaniment)
  • String duos, trios and quartets
  • Guitarists and guitar duos
  • Solo harpists, or flute and harp duos
  • Brass trios and quintets
  • Piano trios
  • Woodwind soloists with piano
  • Wind quintets
  • Vocal soloists and/or duos (with accompaniment) and vocal quartet for Christmas Carols
  • Accordionists
  • Organists (can be available for weddings)
A saxophone player accompanied by a keyboard player


  • Jazz pianists (with own keyboard)
  • Jazz duos:
    • sax and keys
    • double bass and keys
    • trumpet and keys
    • vocals and keys
  • Jazz trios:
    • Sax, double bass and keys
    • Vocals, double bass and keys
  • Jazz Quartet (combinations of: keys, double bass, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, vocals and drums)

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For further information about Academy performer hires for your event, please email or contact us using the form below.

Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0)20 7873 7304