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Application fees

Application fee for Conducting and Choral Conducting auditions in London: £100.
Application fee for Musical Theatre department auditions including DVD: £74.
Application fee for all other London auditions including DVD: £95 (or £110 after the advertised closing date).
Application fee for auditions in North America or Asia: £150 sterling.
There is also a £16 registration fee payable to CUKAS.

If you withdraw before attending the audition, you will not be entitled to a refund unless you completely withdraw your CUKAS application within 7 days of submitting it and in that circumstance CUKAS will refund your payment directly to you. Applications submitted after the advertised deadline must pay a late fee if one is detailed above, and any late application may have to be placed on a waiting list for an audition; if no space becomes available and we are therefore unable to offer an audition, the Academy fee will be returned.
The Academy application fee may be waived for candidates who can demonstrate they are from a low-income household: for further information, please contact the Admissions Officer.

Tuition fees

Annual tuition fees for full-time programmes for the 2014–2015 academic year are:

UK/EU fees
[ELQ fees - see below]
International fees
BMus (2012, 2013 or 2014 entrants)  £9,000 [£10,400]  £20,100
MA  £10,480 [£11,600]  £20,850
MMus (2-year)  £10,550 [£11,700]  £21,000
MMus (1-year intensive)  £12,670 [£13,800]  £23,275
MPhil/PhD  £5,870  £12,875
Year Abroad (pro-rata for part-year attendance)  £10,480  £10,480
Organ Foundation and Gap Year  £10,400  £20,180
Musical Theatre  £14,200  £18,300
Musical Direction & Coaching  £7,000  £7,000
Advanced Diploma (Royal Academy Opera)  £17,000  £17,000
Advanced Diploma (Performance)  £9,600  £19,600
Professional Diploma  £9,600  £19,600

Annual tuition fees for full-time programmes for the 2015–2016 academic year will be:

UK/EU fees
[ELQ fees - see below]
International fees
BMus (students joining after 1 September 2012)  £9,000 [£10,710]  £20,700
MA (2-year standard & 1-year intensive) except Musical Theatre  £10,795 [£11,950]  £21,475
MMus (2-year standard)  £10,865 [£12,050]  £21,630
MMus (1-year intensive)  £13,050 [£14,210]  £23,970
MPhil/PhD  £6,045  £13,260
Year Abroad (pro-rata for part-year attendance)  £10,795  £10,795
Organ Foundation and Gap Year  £10,710  £20,785
Répétiteur PGDip  £10,795 [£11,950]  £21,475
Musical Theatre MA  £14,200 [£15,910, tbc]  £18,300
Musical Direction & Coaching  £7,000  £7,000
Advanced Diploma (Royal Academy Opera)  £17,000  £17,000
Advanced Diploma (Performance)  £9,885  £20,815
Professional Diploma  £9,885  £20,815

An invoice is issued by the Finance Department during the Spring to notify you of payment details and deadlines. Annual fees are normally payable in advance with a 25% deposit due in the Spring as detailed on the invoice, and the balance due by the middle of August.

Information about tuition fees for UK/EU undergraduates
Information about scholarships and bursaries provision for UK/EU/international undergraduates and postgraduates

Payment of Tuition Fees and eligibility for UK or EU fee rates

Most European Union students will be entitled to pay fees at the ‘home’ (UK) rate provided they have not already gained a qualification at the same level as the programme they are joining, and meet certain conditions which are detailed on our Payment webpage and on www.ukcisa.org.uk.

Awards and Loans for BMus students from the UK and European Union
Candidates with UK or EU fee status who are applying for the BMus programme should visit www.gov.uk/student-finance to be assessed for a tuition fee loan. These are administered through the Student Loans Company.

UK-fee candidates can also be assessed for maintenance awards through the gov.uk website to help with living costs.
EU (non-UK) BMus students can apply for a tuition fee loan through www.gov.uk/student-finance, but maintenance awards are available only to UK students.

BMus students on UK or EU fees are eligible to be considered for support through fee waivers and the National Scholarship Programme if they are in the £9000 fee category.

Living costs

The Academy estimates that average living costs for one academic year will be around £11,500, including rent, travel, utility bills, food etc.

Scholarships and other Financial Assistance

Entrance scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit to selected candidates following audition. The Academy prides itself on being able to accept students purely on the basis of their potential and talent, and will therefore try to help deserving candidates as much as possible. The amount available for scholarships varies from year to year, with some funding coming from the Academy’s own endowments and the rest secured through the generosity of individuals, companies, trusts and foundations. The Academy may be able to assist some students (normally postgraduates and full-fee paying international students) towards their study costs through the bursary system. If you are eligible to apply, details will be sent with your offer letter. Enrolled students who experience difficulties with living costs may also seek assistance from the Academy’s ‘Hardship’ funds. See our Financial Support pages for more information.


If you are eligible for UK/EU fees according to the regulations stated above, and if you join a study programme for an “ELQ” — a qualification that is equivalent to, or lower than, a qualification that you have already been awarded — Government funding support (which allows lower fees to be charged) is no longer available. For example, if you already have a Bachelor Degree or a postgraduate qualification and wish to join our BMus programme, you would not be eligible to be supported with Government funding and so the higher fee rate would be applicable for your studies. Please contact admissions@ram.ac.uk if you have any queries about this.

Other Financial Support

Payment of Fees