These requirements are for students auditioning to start their studies at the Academy in September 2021.

These requirements have been updated in May 2020 for the new round of auditions. If you have started preparing for your audition based on the specification from last year or if you have any other questions please contact the admissions team ( or the department administrator (

This year auditions are by video.

16 November: deadline to upload videos into the Acceptd portal, details are on our video auditions page.

You will need to create a profile in the Acceptd portal into which you upload your audition recording, the list of all the works in your programme, any written requirements (see below) and your Spoken English item. To upload your files into the Acceptd portal, you can find guidance on our video auditions page.

Some audition requirements may change: please check back here regularly. Until specified otherwise, these requirements also apply for auditions in future years. Some audition requirements may change: please check back here regularly.

There is no requirement to perform from memory in your audition.

Undergraduate applicants

First movement (with cadenza) of a Classical concerto, suggested composers include Haydn, Mozart, Hoffmeister and Stamitz. Other composers’ works, if chosen, should be of this period. In addition, a contrasting piece of your own choice. There may also be a short sight-reading test.

You may be asked some questions about a short extract of music, and be asked to take some aural skills assessments consisting of a sight-singing test and some of the following:

  • singing the middle notes in a chord
  • identification of intervals
  • sight reading of rhythms
  • sight reading of two simultaneous different rhythms, to be sung and clapped.

Sorry, we cannot issue specimen tests.

Postgraduate applicants

First movement of a major post–1800 concerto and a contrasting piece of your own choice.

Written Requirements

Applicants for the Master of Music (MMus), Professional Diploma (ProfDip) and Advanced Diploma (Performance) courses need to submit written requirements, please view these on the course finder or the entry requirements page of the website.

Application Fee

We audition everyone who applies on time and pays their application and assessment fee.Information on the assessment fee and waivers can be found in the Your Application pages of our website, please click on the link below.

Your Application website pages

Academy String Orchestra and and Academy Cello Ensemble

11 November 2020
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