These requirements are for students auditioning to start their studies at the Academy in September 2021.

Until specified otherwise, these requirements also apply for auditions in future years. Some audition requirements may change: please check back here regularly. You are welcome to contact the Admissions Team [] or the department administrator {} if you have any queries.

In most cases, harp auditions will last for 45 minutes. As time is limited, you may be interrupted before you have performed a complete piece.

  • Two contrasting pieces of your own choice, one to have been written after 1950, and preferably in a contemporary style, PLUS a study (étude) for undergraduate candidates only. Please provide a copy of your music for the panel.
  • Scales in all major and minor keys, four octaves, to be played hands separately or hands together an octave apart, a sixth apart (right hand begins on tonic) or a tenth apart (left hand begins on tonic). Arpeggios in all major and minor keys, four octaves, to be played hands separately, hands together or divided between the hands, in root position, first and second inversions. Dominant sevenths and diminished sevenths as above. For further information please see grade 8 requirements for ABRSM exams
  • Sight reading.

Harps will be available for auditions held at the Academy: A Lyon & Healy harp will be available in the audition room and a similar model in the warm-up room, though you are welcome to bring your own instrument if you prefer.

If you’re auditioning in one of our international audition centres, please bring your own instrument because unfortunately we cannot provide harps, and we are unable to advise about nearby harp-hire firms.