We believe in a preventive approach to performance-related injury by teaching excellent technique

At the Academy, we’re lucky to be able to offer students individual lessons in the Alexander Technique, free of charge, thanks to a fund established by the late Sir and Lady Colin Davis.

Although FM Alexander wasn’t a musician, his technique is seen by many musicians as indispensable. It helps to release tension, correct bad postural habits and keep your body aligned – all vital for getting the best out of your career in music.

'Before I studied in London I had not known about the Alexander Technique. I can thank the Royal Academy of Music for helping me discover the Technique and all its benefits. I had lessons for eighteen months and I feel that I changed a lot very positively. I think now that the Alexander Technique is one of the greatest things for a musician — and not only for your playing but also for your whole life.'

Zsuzsa Vamosi-Nagy, flute alumna

Students receive twenty lessons spaced throughout the year on a one-to-one basis. Lessons are intended to be an introduction to the technique and are educational rather than therapeutic.

Students learn how to 'use' themselves in the best way possible, and thereby function at their best whilst also avoiding injury.

Our Alexander Technique teaching staff are:

  • Paul Moore (coordinator)
  • Dorothea Magonet
  • Ilana Machover
  • Kerin Black
  • Jan Steele
  • Victoria Walsh

More information about the technique and how it benefits musicians can be obtained from the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.