Royal Academy Opera offers opportunities for keyboard players wanting to specialise as repetiteurs

These Professional Diploma students work in a wide variety of repertoire (spanning the 17th to the 21st centuries) in a variety of languages, closely guided and coached by the highly distinguished professors and directors of the Royal Academy Opera and Vocal Faculty.

Our singing and opera professors are dedicated teachers and active performers with professional musical careers of all kinds. Collectively, they have a wide-range of industry knowledge and insight into all aspects of the profession.

Repetiteurs can study on our Professional DIploma course, application details are available in the Opera Courses section.

We also have a Fellowship scheme (details below, certain restrictions apply); candidates for the Professional Diploma Repetiteur course are also assessed for the award of the Fellowship, so candidates for both options apply initially for the Professional Diploma (Repetiteur) programme, code 909F, through UCAS Conservatoires. There is no Academy application fee for course 909F, so you only pay the UCAS registration fee.

The unique Opera Repetiteur Fellowships, designed to support young opera professionals, are apprenticeships for repetiteurs to study and work as an integral part of the Opera department. The Fellows will receive intensive on-the-job training, and will have the opportunity to participate in coaching and masterclasses by visiting specialists. The prime purpose of the Fellowships is to hone skills and produce well-rounded professionals working to a very high level. Fellows could also be involved in programming unusual repertoire and developing projects to encourage new audiences.

Fellowship duration: normally one year

Value: £12,500 per Fellow, towards living and practical costs. All educational, mentoring and overhead costs are paid for by the Academy.

Entry requirements: Candidates should normally have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and usually also a Master's degree; but, more importantly, a passion and ability to work in professional opera.

During term time, the Fellows will be working members of the Royal Academy Opera team, with the following responsibilities and opportunities:

  • Observing and participating in coaching and masterclasses by vocal specialists/visiting experts
  • Playing for language coaching, including French, Italian and German
  • Playing for music rehearsals, both individual and ensemble
  • Coaching music rehearsals, both individual and ensemble
  • Preparing opera choruses
  • Playing for opera production rehearsals
  • Training and experience in playing recitative/continuo
  • Assisting the conductors, including taking over parts of orchestral rehearsals where appropriate
  • Note-taking (and distributing) at sitzproben, stage and orchestra rehearsals and dress rehearsals
  • Links to the Academy’s education/community programme

Application and audition: Candidates for the Professional Diploma Repetiteur course are also assessed for the award of the Fellowship, so all Fellowship candidates should apply for the Professional Diploma (Repetiteur) course, code 909F, through UCAS Conservatoires.
The audition requirements are the same for Prof Dip and Fellowship, and you do not need to provide a ProfDip Specialist Proposal document.
There is no separate application process for the Fellowship, all candidates apply for UCAS course 909F.

Eligibility restriction: The Fellowship is an employed role, available to UK citizens and to non-UK citizens who hold UK immigration status which allows them to work without restrictions. Please note that the UK Student visa has work restrictions, so you cannot take up the Fellowship if you are on a Student visa.