The live auditions will take place at the Academy on Sunday 16 April 2023.

There are no set requirements for the Junior Jazz audition. It will take the form of a workshop, similar to that which you will experience on a weekly basis if you are offered a place on the course. Throughout the audition workshop, our course leaders will assess your skills and ability to interact with other players.

Candidates do not need to prepare any particular pieces or scales. The following, however, will definitely help your ability to be relaxed, flexible and interactive on the day:

  • A prior knowledge of core jazz jam session repertoire (blues, rhythm changes, Autumn Leaves, All the Things you are, Take the A train, Perdido etc)
  • Some extensive listening to jazz and other jazz-related music (starting to find players you particularly like)
  • An understanding of basic jazz harmony and relevant scales/chord tones/chord symbols