We want everyone who is successful at audition to be able to attend Junior Academy, so don’t let finances stop you from accepting your place

Bursaries are available each year in cases of financial need.

Please find a list of frequently asked questions about bursaries below, along with information on how to apply.

Bursary information and FAQs, 2024/25

Bursaries are awarded in cases of financial need and are subject to means-testing.

Successful bursary applicants will be allocated funding from one of our specific funders and students who are selected for HM Government Music and Dance Scheme (MDS) support will be sent a more detailed MDS-specific form. This is not an additional application. We need to request that the MDS-specific form is completed for auditing purposes.

Eligibility for financial support is based on the household income criteria set out by HM Government Music and Dance Scheme.

If you receive a bursary covering the full tuition fees, you will not receive a termly invoice and will have nothing to pay.

Please be aware that our fully funded bursaries cover our basic fees and core timetable only. If you choose to have an additional individual lesson on a second instrument or an extended lesson, this will be considered an additional cost and is not covered by your bursary.

If you receive a partial bursary, the amount awarded will be deducted from your termly invoice and you will need to pay the remaining balance on receipt of an invoice.

Where both parents live at the same address, you should complete one online application form.

If parents are separated or divorced, then each parent should complete an individual application form. If you are making an application as a single parent, we will need to have evidence that the absent parent has no financial responsibility of any sum for the child.

Supporting documents may include:

  • P60
  • A recent payslip
  • March payslip
  • Self-assessment tax return
  • Letters of entitlement to benefits

Please photograph or scan your documents electronically and make sure they are legible.

These documents can be uploaded with your online application. We will also need a copy of the passport photo page for your child.

Please still submit the form by the deadline. Let us know via email what is missing and when you expect you can provide it.

You will need to submit a note explaining this in the documents upload area.

The bursary will cover the forthcoming academic year and you will be asked to complete a new bursary form for each subsequent year.

Bursary award decisions will be sent out by email in the middle of June 2024.

Apply for Bursaries 2024/25

Please apply via the GetAcceptd portal here.

From the Program Group menu, please select Junior Academy Application followed by Junior Academy Bursary Application.

The deadline for applications is Monday 13 May 2024. If you need to apply after this deadline, please contact us.

How to complete your application

It is your responsibility to complete all the questions on the bursary form linked above and indicate if any of the financial information is an estimate. Your bursary will depend on the information you provide. If any information you provide is incorrect, your bursary amount will need to be reviewed.

Please find below details on specific supporting documentation.

We assess your income based on the previous financial year (April 2023 to April 2024).

Where income is derived from salary, wages, etc., please provide a copy of your P60 (or similar document) supplied by your employer at the end of each financial year and your final pay advice for the period. If your P60 is not yet available, you will need to forward a copy as soon as it is issued to you. If pension contributions are not shown clearly on your P60 or pay advice, verification of these from your employer/s should also be produced.

Please complete the GROSS amount of salaries and wages, including any earnings from part-time employment, any sums received as profit-related pay, bonus/commission etc., amounts foregone by virtue of a salary surrender scheme (see below), and any statutory sick and/or maternity pay. You must please indicate clearly on supporting documentation which figure/s you have used to reach your total/s.

Salaried directors of private limited companies: please supply a copy of your P60 and an appropriate self- assessment return using the supplementary pages for employment (NB you will also need to provide HMRC’s verification of your tax return figures – ie SA302 or online SA110 – once your tax return has been filed).

Self-employed parents: we are aware that it is unlikely you will yet have finalised your figures. Please therefore estimate your income as accurately as possible, and provide written confirmation (HMRC’s verification of your tax return figures (i.e. SA302 or online SA110), a copy of audited business accounts or statement from your accountants) once received.

This is, for example, free or subsidised housing, cars, mobile telephones or meals etc should be declared at the amount agreed for tax purposes (ie the figure on which they are taxed). Please give the annual value.

This should be verified via a letter provided by an employer.

Please include any annual TAXABLE social security benefits in the space provided. If you are unsure whether a benefit you receive is taxable or non-taxable you can check the gov.uk website here.

Income from letting or sub-letting of property should be declared at the amount of the NET profit agreed with HMRC, and a copy of the HMRC’s agreement used as documentary evidence.

Parents receiving maintenance payments or separations allowances under a court order or separations agreement or arrangements made by/through the Child Support Agency or Child Maintenance Service should enter the amount required to be paid in the year. They should include the amount of any tax recovered on the payment. Please provide a copy of documentation from the court or CSA to confirm the annual amount to which you are entitled.

Where parents are making such payments under a court order or separation agreement or by/through the Child Support Agency or Child Maintenance Service the GROSS amount they paid during the year should be declared and deducted from the total income figure (ie indicated as a minus figure).

Get in touch

Please contact Besheer Abbaro if you require any further information or assistance with the processes on this page.

About Our supporters

Junior Academy is very grateful to donors and benefactors whose assistance has greatly facilitated the implementation of our plans. Alongside various anonymous benefactors, these include:

  • The Leverhulme Trust
  • The Wolfson Foundation
  • Musicians Benevolent Fund
  • Susan Lawrence Travel Bursary Fund
  • Julian Bream Trust Scholarships
  • Benslow Musical Instrument Loan Scheme
  • Department of Education Music and Dance Scheme (MDS)

Junior Academy is supported by the Music and Dance Scheme Access to Excellence programme. The aim of the scheme is ‘to help identify, and assist, children with exceptional potential, regardless of their personal circumstances, to benefit from world-class specialist training as part of a broad and balanced education, which will enable them, if they choose, to proceed towards self-sustaining careers in music and dance’.

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Junior Academy Musical Theatre is supported by the Signatur Programme and The Mila Charitable Organisation.

Signatur is the umbrella name for The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation’s work for the advancement of the art of music.