Your SU Team works together to create the best possible environment for students and ensure that their voices are represented at all levels of the Academy.

Find out more about the roles below.

President of the Students' Union

Shona Masson

The SU President is the principal channel of communication between the SU and the Academy. The President attends all major boards and committees – including the Governing Body and the Academic and Programme Boards – to make sure any concerns are addressed at the highest level.

Equality and Diversity Representative

Melissa Doody

The Equality and Diversity Representative is responsible for ensuring there is fair representation within the RAMSU. They liaise with the Academy and SU Societies on matters pertaining to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Access & Participation in order to ensure the interests of particular student groups are recognised and developed.

Postgraduate Representative

Lizzie Knatt

The Postgraduate Representative is responsible for postgraduate programmes representation and advice services of the SU. They ensure that all matters relating to postgraduate programmes are brought to the attention of the Head of Postgraduate Programmes as well as attending the relevant committees and boards.

Events and Societies Representative

James Nash

The Events and Societies Representative organises and publicises a variety of events each year to reflect the interests of all sections of the student body. They also administer and support all RAMSU clubs and societies in conjunction with the President.

International Representative

Suzie (Wanshu) Qiu

The International Representative is responsible for the co-ordination of the welfare, rights, and advice services of the RAMSU to international students. This includes assisting students with issues such as visas, housing, and life in the UK and London. In conjunction with the Events and Societies Rep, they also organise a range of events tailored to international students.


Munro Ashton, Declan Hickey, Ruby Howells and Declan Molloy