We aim to make the audition experience as enjoyable and supportive as possible – we want to hear you play your best and we always enjoy meeting students who love music as much as we do.

Our auditions will take place by video submission this year and will be completed in one round only for all instrumentalists. You will need to submit a video recording of two contrasting pieces on your first study lasting not longer than 10 minutes in total. We are also happy to receive a short recording of one piece on a second study. Further details will be sent to you about how to upload your videos onto our secure platform. The deadline for submission will be Friday 12 March 2021.

The Royal Academy of Music welcomes applications from potential students with disabilities or special needs who meet the musical and performance criteria expected of all Junior Academy students.

Audition requirements

Candidates should prepare two contrasting pieces on their main instrument. Where second (or more) instruments are learned, we like to hear one piece to gain as full a picture of musical ability as possible.