First Guitar Experience provide early years classical guitar training for young children with no previous experience

The course caters for children aged between six and nine and offers specialist training over a three-year period in order to provide for future musical progress.

Using the method written by the course director, Jigsaw Guitar Course Musicianship and guitar playing using the Kodály Method, the course begins with a pre-instrumental year (45 minutes) and continues with two years of study of the classical guitar (1 hour 20 minutes).

The classes advance the children’s basic musicianship skills in areas of pulse, rhythm and pitch. The child’s participation in game and singing activity is key. The lessons develop a solid foundation in classical guitar technique and explores the necessary skills for the playing of early guitar repertoire eg. Aguado and Carulli, as well as original material.

During the guitar study parents are requested to attend to assist the teacher and offer help with home practice.

There are three terms during the year, normally each consisting of ten teaching weeks, meaning that thirty lessons will be taught over the course of each year.

All sessions are held at the Academy on Saturday afternoon during normal school term time. The teaching will be in small groups, with the following structure:



  • 45 minute session developing initial melodic and rhythmic skills using the Kodály method

Second YEAR (AGES 7-8)


  • 40 minute session of guitar tuition
  • 40 minute sessions continuing Kodály aural work

Third YEAR (AGES 8-9)


  • 40 minute session of guitar tuition
  • 40 minute session combining guitar ensemble playing with further Kodály work

Towards the end of the third year of the course, we will offer advice on finding a suitable individual guitar teacher to continue your child’s progress.

There are no formal entry requirements for the First Guitar Experience as this course is intended for children who have not had previous guitar tuition. Please note the strict date of birth criteria for the 2024 ballot:

Child must be born between 1 June 2017 and 31 May 2018.


For the second year onwards, guitars must be provided by parents/guardians.


per termper annum
First Year£125£375
Second and Third Year£260£780


per termper annum

First Year

Second and Third Year

Fees are payable each term on receipt of an invoice.

A full term’s notice in writing is required for withdrawal of a pupil from the course. A term’s fee will be charged in lieu of such notice.

Applications for the First Guitar Experience course starting 2024 are now closed.