Enhance your musicianship, technique and professional skills on our two-year postgraduate course

Our distinctive degree is the UK’s longest-established specialist course in conducting for choirs.

'My role is to draw students into the modern realities of the choral conducting profession as well as the rich British traditions of choral musicianship'
Patrick Russill, Fernside Head of Choral Conducting

It covers a wide range of sacred music for both concert and liturgical events, as well as selected secular repertoire. With expertise in conducting, rehearsal and baton techniques, choral repertoire, vocal technique and aural skills, our professors will ensure that you graduate with the tools you’ll need for an active and diverse career.

The Academy’s location in the centre of London, at the Heart of the British choral tradition, provides an enviable learning environment and enables us to collaborate closely with leading professional, amateur and collegiate choirs.

We offer choral conducting as a principal study at postgraduate level only. At undergraduate level, it is offered as an optional choir-training class.

The Academy's flag on the front of the building

Introduction to the Choral Conducting department with Patrick Russill