The Academy’s brass department aims to maximise the musical skills of each individual student preparing them for a fulfilling and successful career in music.

Classes & activities

This programme is aimed at students who are professionally active and have the highest levels of technical and artistic expertise. In addition to refining professional standards in work patterns, preparation and performance, the programme encourages students to reflect critically and inventively on their work.

The course is highly flexible so that it can meet the specific and individual needs of students at this advanced stage of development. You will be expected to pursue a series of goals identified at the beginning of the year which might include a range of concerts, recordings, competitions and/or other projects. You will be encouraged to think innovatively about your work, and will be required to self-manage the implementation of your plans.

Your studies will be supported by regular one-to-one tuition with those who can best help you to develop your artistic and professional goals; this might include regular teaching from within your instrumental department, and/or sessions with teachers/coaches from other departments.

Provision will be individually discussed and agreed in consultation with your Head of Department and the Course Tutor at the beginning of the year. You will be given the opportunity to meet and discuss your work with other Advanced Diploma students and also (where appropriate) offered the chance to take part in masterclasses with international visitors.

Advanced Diploma students are encouraged to draw on the Academy’s staff (often across departments) to support the development of their career and artistry, and can expect a flexible schedule that will allow them to pursue a significant portfolio of external professional activity.

For more information see the course specification document.

  • Principal Study lessons

    Your lessons and other one-to-one tuition/mentoring:. This working environment (which is a defining feature of specialist conservatoire training) is designed to foster the passing on of discipline specific professional/artistic practices, and to enable students to develop key professional skills that relate directly to their individual abilities and artistry: musical technique, interpretation skills, repertoire building, programme/portfolio building; audition techniques, and so on. The reflective nature of the relationship between teacher and student is a key element in the development of reflective, critical and informed attitudes to performance.

  • Performance Opportunities

    Students will be encouraged to become involved in performance opportunities which help pursue and promote their professional goals and artistic development.

  • Masterclasses

    These classes provide students with opportunities to present work to a leading visiting artist, normally in an ‘open’ setting (open to other students and members of the public). Masterclasses complement one-to-one tuition by widening the range of interpretative judgment to which the students are subject. They are designed to expose students to the very highest international professional standards and provide additional high-profile performance opportunities.

Discovery events

Discovery Events are the perfect way to find out more about the Academy and whether it’s the right place for you.

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