Dr. Rubens Askenar is a highly accomplished Canarian multi-instrumentalist, composer and researcher

He is celebrated for his exceptional artistic vision, unwavering commitment to experimentation, and avant-garde approach to his craft.

Dr. Askenar's diverse career is defined by his ability to effortlessly navigate his dual roles as a renowned freelance composer and esteemed professor of composition at the Academy.

Dr. Askenar's creative oeuvre is characterised by its diverse range of genres and forms, reflecting his exploration of compositional models based on multi-instrumental practice and technological advancements. His works have been performed worldwide at an array of international festivals, including Muziekgebow in Holland, reMusic in Russia, FIMC in Spain and MATA festival in New York.

As part of the Academy's bicentenary celebrations, Dr. Askenar embarked on a groundbreaking cycle of pieces that traverse fragmented instrumental relationships, fuelled by intricate experimentation in both acoustic and electronic contexts. These novel instrumental bodies prove ideal within his musical universe, as they lack technical-instrumental context and interpretive reference, enabling him to craft unique and innovative compositional materials.

Dr. Askenar's performative abilities as a multi-instrumentalist have lead to a deeply materialistic conception of his craft. His pioneering approach involves not only creating and developing new instruments but also manipulating them and delving deeply into their unique modes of vibration, constantly pushing the boundaries of what has been offered and striving to reveal what has yet to be explored.

Dr. Askenar has worked extensively in the field of live composition, creating and developing an innovative compositional system that facilitates a seamless interactive space for composers, ensembles and orchestras alike, redefining the boundaries of collaboration within contemporary music composition.