A live clay sculpting for the bust took place in the Duke’s Hall during a public concert in 2019. Academy students performed a programme of Sir Karl’s music as Frances began her work sitting opposite the composer. After the sculpting, the bust was cast in bronze, and we are now delighted to have Frances’s incredible artwork at the Academy.

Sir Karl, Frances and their families attended an unveiling of the sculpture in the Academy’s Forsyth Room, where it will be on display to students, staff and the public. The piece joins a large collection of busts of distinguished musicians held at the Academy, which includes Handel, Beethoven, Liszt and Dame Myra Hess.

Sir Karl Jenkins said:

‘It’s an honour because a lot of celebrated people have come through here [the Academy], so it’s good to be part of all that and have some permanence here.’

Watch a video about the sculpture and its unveiling below.

The Academy's flag on the front of the building

Film of Sir Karl Jenkins' sculpture unveiling at the Academy