These scholarships are offered in partnership with leading pianist, composer and producer Alexis Ffrench, who is signed exclusively to Sony Music Masterworks and attended the Academy as a student.

Created in June 2020, Sony Music Group’s Social Justice Fund was established in response to the global demand to tackle racial and societal injustice in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the global phenomenon of the Black Lives Matter movement. Social Justice Fund beneficiaries are chosen by a diverse advisory board representing labels and divisions across Sony Music UK.

'It is an honour to create scholarships supporting and nurturing the talent of black students at the Royal Academy of Music in partnership with Sony Music UK. I was fortunate to study at this prestigious, world-leading conservatoire and experienced first-hand the benefits of its teaching, resources and community. I am proud to lend my name to these new scholarships and I hope that together we can reimagine new and inclusive pathways and possibilities for 21st-century musicianship, where all voices may be heard through this positive action for change'

Alexis Ffrench

The Academy has a wide range of scholarships available to incoming students which are offered after an application has been accepted. We are constantly reviewing the application process, looking for talent and potential, and finding new ways to support the musicians today whose music will move the world tomorrow. Find out more about applying for your chosen discipline on our website:

We encourage all students who are interested in joining us to sign up for our Virtual Open Days this September. The Open Day section of our website is open year-round; it is a great place to view exclusive performances and interviews with teaching staff: