Over 1,000 of you took the time to respond. We would like to say a huge thank you to those who did and to report back on what we found out.

Pride and affinity

  • 96% of you are proud to have studied at the Academy
  • 80% of you would recommend studying at the Academy
  • 39% of you feel connected and part of the Academy community


  • 79% of you read the Alumni news

What you enjoy about the alumni news:

  • updates about fellow alumni
  • keeping up to date with Academy news
  • articles and features

You want to hear more about:

  • international alumni
  • musical theatre
  • different career paths

Events and benefits

56% of you would like to have the choice of attending events in-person or virtually.

Pre-concert talks were the most popular type of event and career development events were of most interest to alumni 1-10 years out from graduating.

30% of you regularly use or have used any alumni benefits, with the online alumni directory, library and alumni card the most used benefits.

Our commitments

  • We will make it easier for you to submit your news so we can share as many updates as possible in our communications.
  • We will increase representation of international alumni and musical theatre alumni in our communications.
  • We will review our alumni benefits offering and better promote it to the alumni community.

Thank you!

The survey has provided us with lots of information that we will use as we continue to develop our programme. We really appreciate your feedback – please keep letting us know what you think at alumni@ram.ac.uk.