Raising a flag – the first time a pride flag has been seen on the front of the Academy building – is just a single gesture but it reflects the Academy’s increasing commitment to promoting an inclusive working and learning environment in which everyone feels entirely supported and welcomed.

This year we mark Pride month with a number of events led by the Student Union, including Seen and Heard, a festival of programmes that celebrate members of the LGBTQ+ community. We will also be celebrating University of London’s Pride activities during this month.

The flag you see on the front of the building is the Progress Pride flag. It features black and brown stripes to represent people of colour, and blue, pink and white to include the trans pride banner in its design.

The Academy’s Principal, Jonathan Freeman-Attwood CBE, says:

‘Raising the Pride flag today, as we approach our third century, is an exciting event for us. The Academy is a conservatoire for the 21st century, one which celebrates diversity at the same time as being acutely aware of the need for further progress. We are, in many ways, at the start of this journey. For the first time we raise a Pride flag as a gesture of solidarity to our community. We also look forward to working closely in the coming months with the Student Union and all our various staff and student groups committed to increasing awareness and change’.

The Academy’s Student Union President, Stephen Payne, says:

‘The Student Union is once again excited to celebrate Pride Month this June. We have requested that the progress pride flag is to be flown outside the Academy for the duration of the month. We have organised a session for students with Bi Pride UK (British LGBT Charity of the Year 2020) which we will be announcing very shortly. We will also be displaying our Pride Logo throughout the month and continuing our commitment to promoting inclusion and equality throughout the entire student body.

‘Whether this year is your first time celebrating Pride, or whether it's in your calendar annually, we look forward to celebrating with you and wish you all a very happy Pride Month.’