Composer Matthew Perrett’s music has been performed across the globe, from the National Mugham Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan to the prestigious Lincoln Centre in New York, USA.

Matthew focuses on the analysis and re-synthesis of natural sounds and folk music, using this method to compose music in a wide variety of styles. In Breathing Music for eight cellos (2021) he uses breathing sounds to create a relaxed and ethereal atmosphere; by contrast in Beata Beatrix for Organ (2021-22) he uses rhythms from emotionally charged sounds such as sobbing to produce an intense experience for the listener.

Matthew’s piece Murmurs from Mashadi Ibad (2021), based on folk melodies used in Uzeyir Hajibeyli’s opera O Olmasin bu Olsun (also known as Mashadi Ibad) won the 3rd prize in the Uzeyir Hajibeyli Composition Competition, and is now being published in the United States.

Three Birdsongs takes sounds from Toucans, Parakeets and Penguins in order to create a lively and dynamic piece.

Having grown up in Birmingham, England, Matthew also takes much inspiration from having lived in such a diverse and multicultural city, and having been exposed to contemporary classical alongside traditional music from Asia and Africa.