Louise Bakker director
Ed Liebrecht and Roc Fargas i Castells conductors
Jake Wiltshire
lighting designer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
From Le nozze di Figaro

Act 1, Scene 1: Nos 1, 2 and 3
Cinque, dieci, venti… Cosa stai misurando… Se a caso madama la notte ti chiama… Or bene, ascolta e taci… Se vuol ballare

On their wedding day, Figaro learns that the Count has plans to exercise the droit de seigneur on his wife-to-be, Susanna.

Ed Liebrecht conductor
Patrick Keefe Figaro
Cassandra Wright
Aya Robertson accompanist

Édouard Lalo (1823-1892)
From Le roi d’Ys

Duet No 4
Margared, ô ma soeur… En silence pourquoi souffrir?

Margared is to marry an enemy prince to end a bloody war, but her sister Rozenn senses her reluctance.

Roc Fargas i Castells conductor
Josi Ellem
Silja Elsabet Brynjarsdóttir
Harry Rylance

Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868)
From Il barbiere di Siviglia

Act 1: Recitative and Duet No 4
O cielo!… Nella stanza convien dir… All’idea di quel metallo

The Count is in love with Rosina, and employs Figaro to come up with a cunning plan to get to her. They are both incredibly pleased with the result!

Roc Fargas i Castells conductor
Daniel Kringer Almaviva
Thomas Chenhall Figaro
Aya Robertson accompanist

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
From Idomeneo

Act 3, Scene 2: Recitative and Duet
Principessa, a’ tuoi sguardi… Odo? O sol quel che brama… S'io non moro a questi accenti

As the children of former Trojan War enemies, Ilia and Idamante have been trying to repress their love for each other. When Idamante feels suicide is the only escape, Ilia is driven to confess how she feels in order to stop him.

Roc Fargas i Castells conductor
Kaitlyn Bourne
Julia Portela Piñón
Harry Rylance

Gioachino Rossini
From L’italiana in Algeri

Act 1, Scene 5: Recitative and Duet No 5
Ah! Isabella… Siam giunti a mal partito… Ai capricci della sorte

Isabella and her gentleman companion Taddeo have been shipwrecked in Algiers, where they have been captured by Mustafa’s men. Despite weeks of cabin fever, they must work together to escape.

Ed Liebrecht conductor
Bernadette Johns
Will Pate
Harry Rylance

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
From Don Giovanni

Act 1, Scene 9: Duettino No 7
Alfin siam liberati… Là ci darem la mano

Don Giovanni has separated Zerlina from her fiancé, and convinces her that he will marry her instead.

Ed Liebrecht conductor
Isabelle Atkinson
Patrick Dow
Don Giovanni
Aya Robertson

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
From Falstaff

Pst, pst, Nannetta… Labbra di foco!… Torno all’assalto

Nannetta’s father objects strongly to young Fenton as a suitor for his daughter, so the two must conduct their playful love affair in secret.

Ed Liebrecht conductor
Danni O’Neill
Liam Bonthrone
Harry Rylance

Brenda Hurley Head of Opera

Michael Wardell Opera Company Manager

Jocelyn Bundy and John Nicoll Stage Managers

Alice Keal Wardrobe Manager

Florence Daguerre de Hureaux, Barbara Diana and Maria Cleva Language Coaches