Ľubica Čekovská was born in 1975 in Humenné, Slovakia. She studied theory of music at the Academy of Performing Arts from 1993-1998 and composition with Professor Dušan Martinček. During her postgraduate studies at the Academy she continued to study composition with Paul Patterson and participated in courses with Robert Saxton, Thomas Adès, Arvo Pärt and Harrison Birtwistle. She received the Slovakian Minister of Culture's Prize in 2020 for exceptional contribution in the field of contemporary theatre and dance. In the decision for this prize, Čekovská’s two operas Dorian Gray and Impresario Dotco were particularly highlighted.

Ľubica's works have been performed at various contemporary music festivals. In 2009 her composition Turbulence was chosen to be performed at ISCM World New Music Days festival in Sweden. In the same year she was commissioned by Slovak National Theater to compose her first full-length operatic work Dorian Gray which was successfully premiered in Bratislava 2013. The world premiere was part of the ISCM World Music Days in Slovakia.

In 2020 her second full-length opera buffa Impresario Dotcom was premiered at Bregenz Festival. Ľubica currently works for Brno Opera House, composing opera on english libretto. Her latest work is scheduled to premiere in spring 2024.

She is represented by Germany based Baerenreiter Publishing Group.