Josephine Davies
Ananda: bliss
Duhkha: pervasive dissatisfaction
Daya: compassion
Mudita: joy

All performers at this event are conforming to our safety requirements of being at least two metres apart.

Josephine Davies saxophone

Academy Jazz Ensemble:

Steven Nichols trumpet
Emma Rawicz-Szczerbo tenor saxophone
Scottie Thompson
Ben Quinn guitar
Toby Yapp bass
Jack Thomas

Winner of Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year at the 2019 Parliamentary Jazz Awards, Josephine Davies is at the forefront of the UK contemporary music scene, pushing the boundaries of jazz with her current main artistic project Satori – a sax, bass and drums trio with an emphasis on extended and collaborative improvisation. It is a project that combines her seeking of freedom of expression with her interest in Japanese philosophy and lifestyle.

Now becoming equally known as a composer, her unique voice is a blend of classical, jazz and folk music, creating an intensely dynamic sound infused with the Nordic quality of her Shetland roots. Deeply influenced by the American composer Maria Schneider, Josephine was resident composer and tenor player for the London Jazz Orchestra from 2011 to 2016, and now has her own big band, the Enso Ensemble.

As a saxophonist she is known for her melodic focus, versatility and unique style, which has been described as 'consistently inventive' (Jazzwise Magazine), 'strong and authoritative' (The Jazz Mann) and 'with winning immediacy' (MOJO Magazine).