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Pierrot Lunaire at 100

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Pierrot Lunaire at 100

Arnold Schoenberg’s masterpiece, a seminal work of twentieth-century modernism, still retains its power to delight, inspire and provoke. Our series of lectures and concerts celebrates the 100th anniversary of its first performance on 16th October 1912.

Join Visiting Professor of Composition Sir Peter Maxwell Davies and Academy alumna Jane Manning — two people who surely know the work, and the music it has inspired, better than anyone — for these special celebratory events.


Max: Pierrot and the Fires

Friday 12th October, 10am
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies talks about how Pierrot Lunaire influenced his writing for Fires of London.
Free, no tickets required 

Sprechstimme and Beyond

Monday 15th October, 2pm
Taking Pierrot Lunaire as a starting point, soprano Jane Manning talks about writing for voice and the vital relationship between speech and song.
Free, no tickets required

Voicing Pierrot

Monday 15th October, 6pm
Sprechstimme: what is it? Informed by forty-seven years of performing Pierrot Lunaire, Jane Manning reflects on the changing perceptions and attitudes to its unique use of the voice.
Free, no tickets required

Schoenberg before Pierrot

Tuesday 16th October, 1.05pm
Selected Academy students perform early works for voice and string quartet.
Free, no tickets required 

Pierrot Lunaire

Tuesday 16th October, 7.30pm
Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire performed by Academy singers and Jane Manning, together with song cycles by Stravinsky and Ravel which were directly inspired by it, and new compositions by Academy students Adam Dickson and John Goldie-Scot
Tickets £7 (concessions £5)


Jane Manning writes in her programme notes for this performance:

‘Deservedly, Pierrot Lunaire now occupies a cherished place in the pantheon of twentieth-century masterpieces — a much-loved perennial classic, and a lifetime’s study for those fortunate enough to engage with it.’

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