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Honours 2011/12

Friday, April 27, 2012
Honours 2011/12

We’re pleased to announce the names of those due to receive honours from the Academy in the 2011/12 academic year.

The Academy awards five different honours:

Fellow (FRAM)
Limited to 300 former Academy students who have distinguished themselves within the profession
Honorary Member (Hon RAM)
Limited to 300 distinguished musicians who did not attend the Academy
Associate (ARAM)
Awarded to former students who have made a significant contribution to the music profession
Honorary Associate (Hon ARAM)
Given to those who have rendered signal service to the Academy but who are not former students
Honorary Fellowship (Hon FRAM)
Limited to 50 living members and in the gift of the Governing Body

This year’s recipients are as follows:

Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music (Hon FRAM)

Christopher Nupen
Roger Parker

Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music (FRAM)

Krystyna Budzynska, education
Ruth Byrchmore, service to the Royal Academy of Music
Iestyn Davies, singing
Matthew Truscott, historical performance
Christopher Willis, répétiteur
Xuefei Yang, guitar

Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Music (Hon RAM)

Ryland Davies, singing and education
Dave Douglas, jazz trumpet and composition
Gustavo Dudamel, conducting
James Ehnes, violin
Jonas Kaufmann, tenor
Lang Lang, piano
David Pountney, theatre and opera direction
Howard Skempton, composition
Gabor Takács-Nagy, chamber music, conducting and education
Lillian Watson, singing and education

Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM)

James Allsopp, saxophone
Corinne Bailey, horn
James Baillieu, piano accompaniment
Katarina Bengtson, violin
Katriina Boosey, recorder
James Francis Brown, composition
Daniel Capps, conducting
Rachel Chaplin, oboe and education
Bobby Chen, piano
Joseph Cooper, timpani and percussion
Julie Cooper, soprano
Briony Cox-Williams, education
Ronald Crocker, musical direction
Joseph Crouch, cello
Michael Csanyi-Wills, composition
Juliet Davey, patronage
Ben Davies, cello
Joe Duddell, composition
Steve Fishwick, jazz trumpet
Hulda Björk Garðarsdóttirsoprano
Giovanni Guzzo, violin
Steven James, horn
Miloš Karadaglić, guitar
Niall Keatley, trumpet
Stewart Kempster, bass-baritone
Gillian Kirkpatrick, musical theatre
Alfonso Leal del Ojo, viola
Jack Liebeck, violin
Andrew Matthews-Owen, piano
Miranda Francis née May, education
Joseph McHardy, harpsichord
Joseph Middleton, piano accompaniment
Kayoko Minamino, flute
Alastair Parker, musical theatre/education
Matilda Paulsson, mezzo-soprano
Justin Pearson, strings/education
Paul Pellay, composition
Kevin Price, trombone
Mark Robinson, timpani/percussion
Celine Saout, harp
Nicholas Shaw, organ/church music/choral direction
Olafur Sigurdarson, baritone
Joseph Spooner, cello
Richard Sweeney, lute
Hannah Vasanth, keyboard/song writing/production
Álvaro Vega Cubillo, oboe
Benjamin Wallfisch, composition
Julia Watson, education
Jonathan Williams, musical theatre

Honorary Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (Hon ARAM)

Judith Barber, finance
Amy Gardner, administration
Sandra Green, administration
Catherine Jury, administration
Barbara Law, recorder and education
Josephine Lively, oboe
Pamela Majaro, patronage
Simon Majaro, patronage
Susanna McDouall, administration
Eileen-Rose McFadden, administration
Patricia Morris, piccolo and education
Maureen Scott, education
Alyn Shipton, jazz
Richard Smith, artist management
Božidar Vukotić, cello and education
Mark Warman, musical direction
Lucy White, patronage
John Young, trumpet and education

Please look at our Honours page for a full list of awards

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