Audition results will be displayed in your UCAS Conservatoires Hub as soon as possible at the end of the audition session. For our main auditions in December, results are usually available before Christmas.

Understanding your offer

The most common offers made by the Academy are GC (guaranteed conditional), which means that your offer is guaranteed if you meet certain requirements.

Another offer we might make is VC (reserve conditional), which means you are in a reserve pool and that we will contact you if we can convert to a full (GC) offer. This will usually be in spring, and normally no later than the first weeks of the Summer term.

You can find more details about UCAS offer codes and what they mean here.

Accepting your offer

Please let us know your decision about your offer through UCAS Conservatoires Hub.

If you wish to accept a GC offer, select us as your ‘First Choice’, shown as ‘1’. If you have made several applications, you will be able to make your choice after you’ve received all the results.

If you have a VC offer, you will also need to accept or decline.

When do I need to accept by?

The deadline for accepting your offer will be shown in your UCAS Conservatoires Hub when you have received decisions for all your applications.

Usually, this will be at the end of January for offers made in December, but it may be a different date if an audition result reached UCAS later.

Please note, UCAS Conservatoires will automatically decline your offer if you don’t input your decision by their given deadline.

If you need to ask for more time, please contact the Academy’s Admissions Team.

Declining an offer

If you decide not to accept our offer, or don’t wish to keep your ‘reserve’ status, please update your decision to ‘Decline’ in UCAS. We’d be grateful if you could also email the Admissions team.

What happens after accepting

We will send you a confirmation email summarising your study details. You will also receive an email in August with additional study information and your professor allocation.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact the admissions team or your relevant department. Otherwise, we will look forward to welcoming you in the autumn.