Royal Academy Opera is a specialist and intensive Postgraduate Advanced Diploma for singers with the potential and aspiration to succeed as principals at the highest international standard.

Classes & activities

Core Modules

Department Classes
And Activities

Learning and teaching processes are stimulating, challenging, diverse and complementary.

The principal modes of teaching are described below:

Singing Lessons and Repertoire Coaching

Regular one-to-one work with a Principal Study teacher underpins the core aims of the programme. This Conservatoire training) is designed to foster the passing on of discipline-specific professional/artistic practices, and to enable students to develop key professional skills that relate directly to their individual abilities and artistry.

Opera Coaching

Specifically prepares students for roles in opera scenes or productions. It is designed to support Opera Productions and Scenes with individually targeted training.

Language Tuition

Is provided on a one-to-one basis to support the preparation of Opera Productions and Scenes and to prepare students more generally for the demands of the profession. These sessions are individually tailored to specific developmental needs.

Acting and Movement classes

Provide the necessary dramatic training and support to accompany the musical and linguistic skills outlined above.

Opera Productions and Scenes

Provide a key synthetic and collaborative focus of the learning and teaching experience. The process of preparation and the experience of performance bring together all of the aspects of the programme and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their individual responses to specific challenges.


Provide students with opportunities to present work to a leading vis of the public. Masterclasses complement one-to-one tuition by widening the range of interpretative judgment to which the students are subject. They are designed to expose students to the very highest international professional standards and provide additional high-profile performance opportunities.

Visiting Opera professionals

(Such as casting directors and agents) will provide students with current advice on how to navigate the practicalities of entering the profession.

Regular progress meetings with the Head of Opera

Will provide students with ongoing holistic feedback on their work and will help to focus their wider professional preparation.

Discovery events

Discovery Events are the perfect way to find out more about the Academy and whether it’s the right place for you.

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