The Royal Academy of Music offers research degrees in Performance Practice and in Composition.

Classes & activities

You will work with an individual supervisor and a team of creative staff at the Academy to develop your work through engaging in a substantial research project. This will normally be directly connected to and driven by your creative activity as a performer or composer but will also require you to establish a research context and undertake a process of investigation and critical reflection.

See examples of current projects.

Students on the programme also attend seminars (about once every two weeks) which involve presentations by staff and students, as well as by visiting speakers engaged in practice-driven projects. These seminars provide a creative space for the testing and discussion of ideas amongst the supervisory team and fellow students; they offer an environment for exploring both the artistic output of the project as well as shaping the critical context in which you are working.

We do provide one-to-one lesson support where appropriate to individual students or projects.

Research Degrees Code of Practice

Discovery events

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