The Harp Faculty is a hard working and tight-knit community. Our students and professors work in a friendly, supportive and thriving environment.

Classes & activities

Core Modules

Undergraduate students take weekly academic classes in addition to their principal study. The classes are designed to complement and add to every student’s creative development as performers.

Below are the module titles for 2020-2021. For detailed information about Academic Studies, download the BMus course handbook.

  • Analytical Skills 1

  • Analytical Skills 2

  • Performing In Context 1

  • Performing In Context 2

  • Aural Skills 1

  • Aural Skills 2

  • Score Reading

  • Artist Development

  • Analysis and Aesthetics (Alex Hills)

  • Approaching the Great Luthiers (George Zacharias)

  • Attentive Listening (Roderick Chadwick)

  • Audio Recording Techniques (Andrew Lang)

  • Beyond the Score: Communicating With Audiences (Gerard Mcburney)

  • Composition Pathway (David Gorton)

  • Concert Workshop (Roderick Chadwick)

  • Contemporary Music Workshop (David Gorton)

  • Creative Collaboration: Developing Your Identity as a Professional Artist (Jessica Walker)

  • Creative Programming and Research (Neil Heyde and Briony Cox-williams)

  • Enhanced Performance Techniques (Sophie Langdon)

  • Historically Informed Performance

  • Historical Performance Pathway

  • Advanced Historical Performance Pathway

  • The Interpreter’s Workshop (Daniel-ben Pienaar and Neil Heyde)

  • Leadership Skills for Artists (Gwendolyn Tietze)

  • Open Academy Pathway (Julian West)

  • Performing Experimental Music (Alex Hills)

  • Performing French Music (Roy Howat)

  • Musical Aesthetics and Criticism

  • Practical Conducting Pathway (Dominic Grier)

  • Soundbox (Peter Sheppard Skærved)

  • Studio Performance (Amy Blier-carruthers)

Department Classes
And Activities

In addition to weekly individual lessons, both undergraduate and postgraduate harp students participate in the following activities:

Chamber Music

Coached and assessed, our harpists collaborate with a fantastic pool of talented students and perform frequently in the Academy and throughout London.

Harp Ensemble

Made up of all Academy harpists, this group rehearses and performs a variety of music written for multiple harps.


Repertoire Classes

You will study standard repertoire including training in orchestral, opera and ballet playing.

Early Harp

Jazz and Improvisation


Discovery events

Discovery Events are the perfect way to find out more about the Academy and whether it’s the right place for you.

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