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“Plenty to shout about: the Royal Academy of Music seems to exist in a constant state of renewal and energy”
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‘This building has been absolutely at the centre of everything that I have learnt’ – Sir Simon Rattle, Academy alumnus

The Royal Academy of Music has defined and enriched the musical landscape since 1822. Our supporters help us in our mission to nurture and educate the musicians of tomorrow.

The Academy has a fundraising team of four, dedicated to growing charitable income. This income helps our talented students realise their dreams of becoming professional musicians. Funds are used to support our intensive one-to-one teaching programmes, world-class musical facilities, and, most importantly, to provide direct scholarship support to young musicians during their studies here.

It is inspiring to be part of an environment that fosters outstanding musical prowess and provides the intensive training necessary to shine on an international musical platform. London is, musically, the greatest place to do this and the Academy is the primary destination when it comes to learning from the very best about becoming a professional musician in the 21st century.

Musical training comes at a high cost and so we turn to an ever-increasing community of music lovers to help us realise our goals. As pressure on the balance sheet intensifies in the education sector and fees may appear out of reach for some, we aim to bridge this funding gap. Our growing community of supporters help ensure students can continue their studies unimpeded by financial constraints.

Whether you are an alumnus, a concert-goer who has been dazzled by one of our concerts, or someone who simply wants to help, we hope that you will be inspired to help us in our fundraising endeavours. The rewards are endless.

If you would like to find out more about supporting key areas of our work, please contact us on the following: 

The Royal Academy of Music is a Registered Charity, no. 310007