Dr Haydn

Over the next decade or so, the Academy will be performing and exploring all of Haydn’s 104 symphonies in a mixture of conventional, unusual and innovative contexts and guises.

Haydn’s genre-defining run of symphonies is one of the few instrumental repertoires that can match Bach’s cantatas in scope and quality. It charts — like no other series of works — the path towards a transformational instrumental ‘philosophy’ in western classical music. It really is:

Dr Haydn’s Inexhaustible Genius Box’.

Haydn’s speculative genius articulates a view of humanity which endlessly surprises, moves and delights. Our musical culture still has so much to learn from these masterworks, and in this journey we aim to discover them afresh.

Head of Historical Performance Margaret Faultless launched the series in November 2012, with performances on historical instruments of Haydn’s First, Twentieth and Twenty-first Symphonies.

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