Our 400+ events combine a programming forum and concert series in one.

The number refers to the point in history — just after 1600 — when Claudio Monteverdi boldly established a resonating chamber where both radical and traditional sound could co-exist and feed from each other. Western music has never looked back over 400 years plus.

Typically, each concert in 400+ introduces a recent composition and places it implicitly (sometimes provocatively) alongside an older work. In tandem, these pieces may share a common theme, inspiration, technique, fashion or expressive world.

The aim is to extend Monteverdi’s vision of projecting the new imaginatively within the bosom of the old, to give new works a chance to integrate into a mainstream ‘canon’ and — crucially — to develop in students the perennial challenge of effective programming: rich tapestries into a fifth century.

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Spring Diary 2018