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Friday, 25.11.2016 13:30, David Josefowitz Recital Hall

Academy Doctoral Research Symposium and Open Day 2016


David Josefowitz Recital Hall and Museum Piano Gallery


The Academy’s doctoral programme provides a collaborative environment for musicians to share and critique working practices, and a framework for developing long-term projects that will drive distinctive careers. It also offers a research and development engine for the Academy’s taught programmes. This event brings together a small group of current and recently completed students to present aspects of their work, and to explore the ongoing ramifications for their professional practice.

Artistry and Professional Development
1.30pm DJRH

Prof. Neil Heyde, Dr Sarah Callis and Dr Briony Cox-Williams introduce the distinctive vision of doctoral-level research that we have developed through projects at the Academy.

Dr Adriana Festeu discusses the building of a project around her own vocal development and her inescapable negotiations with Fach (voice-type) categorisation.

Teaching and Tradition
2.30pm DJRH

Jack Lambert explores his work on the esteemed 20th-century piano pedagogue Maria Curcio, for whom we have almost no public documents as she worked almost exclusively in one-to-one lessons.

Dr Sadie Fields provides an overview of her recently completed exploration of some of the ways in which we can engage with and contribute to a tradition through her work on Bartòk with outstanding violinists from older generations.

Creation and Legacy
3.30pm DJRH

Dr Laura Bowler explores her compositional projects, in which the physicality of performance is primal.
Nick Smart (Head of the Jazz department) discusses the legacy and significance of the composer and trumpeter Kenny Wheeler, which he is exploring in a co-authored biography and a doctoral project. Nick  worked closely alongside Kenny during the last ten years and established the Kenny Wheeler Archive and Prize here at the Academy.


Open Forum/ Round Table

Next steps (for the doctorate within the conservatoire, and also for the kinds of projects that it can generate)

There will be opportunities to ask questions throughout the day.

Free, no advance booking is required.

For further information please contact Oliver Till, Postgraduate Programmes and Research Administrator,

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