Why support the Academy?

Choosing to make a gift to the Academy is an important decision.

When it comes to supporting a charity, you have many options. At the Academy, you can be sure that your gift provides a world-class education for the best and brightest young musicians around the world.

Sir Elton John describes the Academy as a place of 'sheer joy and exuberance'. Perhaps like you, many donors choose to support the Academy because they are committed to bringing this joy to impoverished communities in London and beyond.

Or your passion may be for enjoying brilliant performances in extraordinary surroundings. If so, your gift could support the refurbishment of our theatre, which will become one of the pre-eminent acoustical spaces in London in which to hear our musicians play.

At the heart of this exceptional community are students. If you want to ensure that the most gifted young musicians are able to fulfil their potential, we would love to speak with you about supporting a scholarship or bursary. In this way you would inspire the next generation of artists to thrive.

We are very grateful for the generous donors who choose to support this work. When you make your gift, in addition to our deepest thanks, you can look forward to updates on the impact you have made and information about upcoming performances and events. Find more information about these exciting opportunities, or learn how to make your gift today. Thank you!