Welcome to SoundCrowd!

You must have a brilliant idea if you’ve found your way to our SoundCrowd, so welcome! SoundCrowd is built for students like you – students with passion who want to make great things happen!

SoundCrowd is now live! Click here 

We’re proud that the Academy is the first UK conservatoire to have a dedicated crowdfunding website. Whether you want to make a recording, buy new equipment, put on a performance (or travel to one), fund research or bring music into the community, you’ve come to the right place.

What is SoundCrowd?

SoundCrowd is a crowdfunding platform, like KickStarter or GoFundMe, except that SoundCrowd is for use only by Academy students. SoundCrowd will help you to raise money for projects or initiatives that can’t be funded through any other Academy scheme.

Crowdfunding can be fast, efficient and effective when done right, but project success depends on you. The more dedicated, creative and organised you and your team are, the more successful your project is likely to be, and the more fun you will have!

How does it work?

If your project is accepted, we’ll work with you to promote it on social media and with the Academy’s alumni and donors. People who decide to support you will make gifts through the platform. Once your project reaches its minimum threshold – that is, raises enough to carry out the project – we’ll transfer the funds to you. We’ll cover 100% of the fees, so all money raised goes to your project.

It’s an all-or-nothing approach, so if you decide to use crowdfunding it's important that you commit to the project throughout its promotion and upon its completion once you’ve secured your funding.

What kinds of projects are suitable for SoundCrowd?

Projects must be music- or education-related and must fit within the Academy’s stated goals. They must have:

  1. A clear, tangible goal and finite timeline
  2. An exciting story that will grab alumni and donor attention (Who are you? Why is this important? How does this help make the Academy better?)
  3. A team with the energy and willingness to work hard to reach its goal, as well as strong social networks
  4. An enthusiastic project sponsor who is an Academy staff member

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • An innovative concert, involving curation, promotion or working with a venue
  • Commissioning a new work for you to premiere
  • A scheme working with young people, health, or within the community using your musical skills
  • Starting a festival
  • Making a commercial recording
  • A special project collaborating with other musicians, visual artists, writers or dancers, leading to a specific outcome
  • Funding to travel somewhere to make something special happen
  • A combination of all of the above.

Unfortunately this scheme cannot support student fees, day-to-day living costs or instruments for personal rather than Academy use.

What are the project team’s responsibilities?

  • Developing the project idea
  • Creating a plan for promotion (with the Development Team’s help)
  • Attending one marketing workshop
  • Working with the Development Team to execute that plan
  • If goal is reached, carrying out project
  • Working with the Development Team to thank donors

What does the Academy provide?

  • A dedicated space for your project on SoundCrowd
  • 100% of the fees, so that all donations go to your project
  • A chance to share your project with thousands of Academy alumni and donors
  • Fundraising training from the Academy’s Development Team (all teams must attend one fundraising workshop)
  • Help with processing gifts and thanking donors

How do I apply?

The application period for autumn is now closed. Check back in November to apply for Spring 2020.

You’ll have two to three months to raise the funds you need, depending on the project and the goal. Once the funds are raised, we’ll transfer them to your team and you’ll be able to execute your project.

Please remember ...

Having your project accepted for SoundCrowd does not guarantee funding.

If you have any other questions, please contact  Kurstin Finch Gnehm on or 020 7873 7425