Where your support is needed

Scholarships and bursaries

Every year, the Academy offers places to exceptionally talented young musicians. However, the majority will not have the means to cover the costs of studying in London. Scholarships and bursaries give these students the help they need. Your gift could pay for a portion of fees, travel costs, instrument repair or research materials, all of which allow disadvantaged students to pursue their creative vocation with confidence and pride.

Junior Academy

On Saturdays, the Royal Academy of Music transforms into its Junior Academy and occupies all areas to create one of the most unique musical learning atmospheres available to young musicians. With your support, you could ensure that this remarkable opportunity is available for every budding artist.

Open Academy

Through Open Academy projects, our students are trained to communicate their art to children and young people as well as adult participants from socially diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds who would not ordinarily encounter classical music or jazz. Your gift to the Open Academy will improve the lives and well-being of people in local schools, communities, hospitals and care homes through music.

Theatre and Recital Hall

Young artists give their first formative performances on the Academy’s stages – and it’s important that our spaces live up to their needs and abilities, as well as the expectations of our audiences. With a gift toward our new theatre and recital hall, you could become a physical and enduring part of the Academy, in effect being with us for every note, every sonata, every aria. We are pleased to recognise gifts of £200 or more with engraved wall plates or seats. Learn more about how to sponsor your own seat.

Area of greatest need

Gifts to the area of greatest need are among the most valuable we receive. Why? Because they allow us to invest in unforeseen opportunities – the chance to host an outstanding Visiting Professor or send a student to an international competition. They also give us the room to meet unforeseen costs, like facility repair or an unexpected number of students requiring hardship funding. In other words, your gift to this fund allows us to be flexible and to thrive. All gifts to the area of greatest need are allocated at the Principal’s discretion.

If you’re interested in supporting an area of focus not listed here, please contact Kurstin Finch Gnehm, Head of Individual Giving and Legacies, on 020 7673 7423 or kgnehm@ram.ac.uk.