Meet every student's needs

The last few months have challenged us. We’ve seen a huge surge in the number of applications from students desperately seeking funding. It’s more important than ever that money ceases to be such a massive barrier for the very best students here.

Please consider joining this effort with a gift to the Principal’s Fund. It represents our belief that great talent must be nurtured, not lost.

With your gift, you will help provide the scholarships and bursaries that are, quite simply, the most effective way to help students. Your support will be especially critical for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Every aspiring young musician should be able to apply to the Academy, confident in the knowledge that they will receive the support they need.

If you agree, please make your gift today.

Frequently asked questions about the Principal’s Fund

  • Home and EU undergraduate fees: £9,250/year
  • International student fees: £20,000+/year
  • Average cost to live in London: £12,000/year (including food, rent, transport, utilities)
  • Average debt of a UK graduate: £46,000-£51,600 (according to Sutton Trust)

Students come to the Academy to receive musical training of the highest quality at a leading conservatoire. But as the cost of living and fees rise, students have no choice but to consider finances when deciding where to study.

Exceptional young musicians should be able to realise their dreams and study at the place of their choice. We believe they should be able to do this without accruing a staggering amount of debt. This is particularly important for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We are not the only conservatoire in the UK to identify this need, but we will be among the first to address it head on.

Currently we can only provide scholarships and bursaries to some of the gifted musicians who earn a place here. The Principal’s Fund will offer support to every qualified student who needs it.

The Principal’s Fund will award scholarships (based on merit) and bursaries (based on need), up to and including 100% of a student’s fees or living costs. Exceptional students may receive both. In most cases, this support will continue over the duration of study.

All students eligible for funding must complete the audition process and earn a place, competing against all other applicants. Once a student has been accepted, the Head of Department will work with the Principal and Senior Management Team to determine whether they qualify for an award. Decisions may be based on skill, experience, discipline, recommendations or financial need.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students will be eligible to receive Principal’s Fund support.

All Principal’s Fund scholars are required to submit a yearly report on their progress and, in some cases, a letter thanking their donors. We collect and publish a selection of these in our annual Awards Report, which we send to all Principal’s Fund donors.

Principal’s Fund Founding Members

The following individuals and organisations supported the launch of the Principal’s Fund during the 2018/19 academic year, and are therefore recognised as Founding Members.

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