Help where the need is greatest

We launched the Response Fund at the beginning of the pandemic, with a generous gift from a donor concerned about students struggling financially.

Donations to the Academy Response Fund have provided rent, food and transport as well as access to technology that helps students learn remotely.

As life returns to normal, Response Fund gifts will be allocated to students to cover travel and quarantine costs, and to our counselling programme or any area of the Academy that has been impacted by the pandemic.

This support has been absolutely vital to students. As Vocal Studies student Theodore, who received a Response Fund grant, says:

‘The past year has been a struggle for those of us studying for a practical degree. Without the help of people like you, the task would have almost certainly been a great deal harder. Your act of generosity is instrumental to any success I achieve in the future.’

We still need your help.

Please consider a gift to the Response Fund today.