Support the students Who become the stars

Overnight success doesn’t happen overnight. Brilliant musicians need time and space to build the foundations for a life in music.

Your support will give the best and brightest the formative experiences that will shape their entire careers.

With your gift we can:

  • offer scholarships for the most promising talent
  • help with financial assistance when the need arises
  • invest all we possibly can in each student’s training

A scholarship is so much more than kudos. It means a student can pay for the summer schools, competitions and travel that are all part of being the best, or take time off paid performances to make a technical breakthrough. For many, it means not waiting until the last minute to replace your strings, and not sacrificing a practice session for that extra shift at work.

Image: Michael Johnson

‘It’s hard to describe the emotion I felt when I found out I had been awarded a full scholarship. In my home country, no one but my parents believed in me enough to invest in my talent.’

Oleksandr, MA (Vocal Studies)

Can you help us offer more support to more students?

Or contact Dr Matthew Ross, Head of Philanthropy, at to discuss next steps.