Heads of Department

The Academy’s Heads of Department are fully involved in every aspect of their students’ education. 

Along with Tutors, they monitor students’ overall progress and act as effective and important representational link between you, your Principal Study teacher, the Head of Undergraduate Programmes and the Deputy Principals.

Head of Strings: 
Professor Jo Cole FHEA, ARAM

Head of Vocal Studies: 
Kate Paterson

Director of Opera:
Gareth Hancock MA, FRAM, ARCM

Head of Piano: 
Professor Joanna MacGregor OBE, FRAM

Head of Composition: 
Philip Cashian BMus, DMus, Hon ARAM

Head of Jazz Programmes: 
Nick Smart BABM, PGDip, LGSM, Hon ARAM

Head of Historical Performance: 
Margaret Faultless MA, FTCL, ARCM, Hon FBCU

Head of Musical Theatre: 
Daniel Bowling MMus

Head of Woodwind: 
Keith Bragg AGSM, Hon RAM

Artistic Director and Head of Brass: 
Mark David Hon ARAM

Head of Timpani and Percussion: 
Neil Percy Dip RCM, ARCM, Hon RAM

Head of Conducting:
Sian Edwards

Head of Choral Conducting: 
Patrick Russill MA, Hon RAM, Hon FRCO, Hon FGCM

Head of Harp: 
Karen Vaughan LRAM, FRAM

Head of Classical Guitar: 
Michael Lewin FRAM, DipRAM

Head of Organ: 
David Titterington MA, Hon DMus, Hon DUniv, Hon FRCO, Hon RAM

Head of Classical Accordion: 
Owen Murray GRAM, DipRAM (Copenhagen), Hon RAM