The Creative Studio

The Academy’s recording facilities are being thoroughly redeveloped as part of our major theatre project.

Throughout the construction phase of the Academy’s new theatre and recital hall, the Recording Department remains fully operational. In addition to filming many orchestral and other public events, provision for student recordings has been greatly increased. During term time (when not in use for teaching or public events), both the David Josefowitz Recital Hall and Duke’s Hall are available for self-directed recordings using the high quality built-in cameras and microphones. The video recording process has also been made much easier to operate – students are loaned an iPad with a couldn’t-be-simpler one-button-press app. Files can be collected the following day.

For students wishing to work with an engineer, there are typically six sessions available each week at either Air Edel or St Mark’s, both a short walk from the main Academy site.

More elaborate projects may also be considered upon request.

If you are a current student interested in making a booking, please refer to the Recording Request Flowchart available on Academy Intranet (AIR).

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