Student–staff liaison

The Academy believes that a strong student voice is vital to the successful fulfilment of the Academy’s mission. Students’ views are taken seriously and, wherever possible, acted upon promptly.

All members of staff will welcome feedback from students at any time. Students are involved in academic governance of the Academy through representative membership of its committees, including the Governing Body, Academic Board, and Programme Boards.

The Academy’s formal forum for student views on other aspects of Academy life is the Student-Staff Liaison Committee, which meets once per term. It is the forum for all Academy students to raise, through their representatives (normally the Student Union President), any issues affecting their student experience at the Academy which fall outside the specific learning experience of their academic programmes of study, such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Careers
  • Social Facilities
  • Estates
  • Faith and religion
  • Financial support
  • Health provision
  • Immigration advice
  • International student support
  • Registry
  • Sport
  • Student Support Services

These views will then be forwarded on to the appropriate Academy authorities. The Committee will also receive responses from those authorities and disseminate them accordingly.