Alexander Technique

We have been teaching the Alexander Technique at the Royal Academy of Music since 1984. Every student at the Academy has the opportunity to have individual lessons in the Alexander Technique for one year.

Although FM Alexander was not a musician, it is musicians possibly more than any other profession who have recognised the benefits of his Technique.

Many performers believe the Alexander Technique to be an indispensable foundation for such a demanding and competitive profession. The Technique helps us to allow the release of unnecessary tensions, the changing of habits acquired through years of physical misuse, and the prevention of interference with delicate mechanisms of balance.

Alexander Technique at the Academy is partly financed by a fund established by Lady Colin Davis (Shamsi Davis — one of the Academy's teachers until her death in 2010) and the late Sir Colin Davis, and therefore we offer individual lessons to our students free of charge.

‘Early in my professional career the celebrated conductor Sir Adrian Boult, who had himself had Alexander lessons, sent me for lessons in the Technique. 'My boy,' he said, 'you'll end up crippled if you go on like that.' I have been a pupil of the Technique now for over forty years, the benefits to me have been immeasurable, and I would recommend all students to take advantage of the programme of lessons available at the Royal Academy of Music.’

The late Sir Colin Davis CBE, Hon RAM, former International Chair of Conducting and Orchestral Studies

‘Before I studied in London I had not known about the Alexander Technique. I can thank the Royal Academy of Music for helping me discover the Technique and all its benefits. I had lessons for eighteen months and I feel that I changed a lot very positively. I think now that the Alexander Technique is one of the greatest things for a musician — and not only for your playing but also for your whole life.’

Zsuzsa Vamosi-Nagy, flute alumna

Teaching Staff

The Alexander Technique teachers at the Royal Academy of Music have all trained on a Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) approved course.

Paul Moore

Dorothea Magonet

Jan Steele

Tess Miller

Victoria Walsh

Margaret Edis

More information about the Technique, and about the benefit of the Technique for musicians, can be obtained from STAT.