Student support and wellbeing

Emotional and psychological support has become a natural way of life at the Academy and is offered in confidence.

We recognise that our students will only thrive and develop if they can concentrate as much as possible on the demanding tasks of being a professional musician.

The Academy has an excellent reputation for its quality in teaching and huge range of events and opportunities for student musicians, but we believe that there’s something else that makes us one of the most friendly and dynamic music conservatoires.

It’s the time and attention we give to our support services and wellbeing for our students who come from many different countries and backgrounds.

To make the most of this great diversity, we have a team of teachers, tutors, administrators and other experts who can assist in almost all academic and pastoral circumstances.

If you decide to study at the Academy, you will be able to call upon a range of support networks including:

Confidential Counselling

To help you achieve the best experience possible while you are part of the Academy community.

Support/Access arrangements for disability/specific learning difficulties including exam arrangements and specialist tuition.

Health Advice

Access to specialists to help you enjoy long-term occupational health.

International student information

Wide-ranging and specialised support on preparing for your time as an international student in the UK.

Accommodation tips

Advice on finding a suitable place to live.