Professional Diploma

(Prof. Dip) 

Professional Diploma: Performance or Composition

Do you want targeted help to make the leap from being a student to a fully established professional?

Do you have a particular career path in mind and need help preparing to negotiate it?

Do you have a professional niche you want to develop?

The Academy’s Professional Diploma is a one-of-a-kind programme for students who are looking for a specially tailored extra year of study to provide a competitive edge in building a career. It is a highly focused combination of one-to-one tuition and professional development activity built around the needs of each individual student in consultation with the ProfDip Programme Tutor and the relevant Head of Department. Applicants will normally have completed a master’s degree but the programme is available to all applicants of the appropriate standard.

The following are examples of specialisms studied in recent years. There is no blueprint; the nature and scope of the specialism differs in each case.

  • Opera repetiteurship
  • Historical Performance for modern instrumentalists
  • Preparation for opera studies
  • Orchestral Doubling specialisms (eg contrabassoon or piccolo)
  • Collaborative piano
  • Composition for television, film and media
  • Flute and piano duo repertoire from the first half of the twentieth century
  • Extended techniques on the cello
  • The German school of tuba playing, with an emphasis upon orchestral performance
  • The study of poets: lieder with texts by Shakespeare and Goethe
  • The role of the principal viola in an orchestra
  • Challenging the existing canon of viola and piano works from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

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