Open Academy: for students

Learning, participation and community initiatives such as educational workshops, interactive concerts and collaborative music projects are now an essential part of the work carried out by a majority of orchestras, opera companies, festivals and concert venues throughout the world. Indeed, they play a huge role in the very identity of many organisations, often with principal players and leading artists shaping and guiding the programmes of work. Skills and experience in working in this field are therefore increasingly valued by employers and funders.

Many musicians are finding work and career satisfaction by engaging directly and creatively with people, as well as on the concert platform. For many, their identities as musicians are affirmed as they find ways to combine their artistry with a sense of citizenship, and an application and purpose for their skills and passion for music.

Throughout the year, we offer numerous opportunities to join some of the world’s most experienced music leaders in projects designed to engage and inspire participants from all backgrounds. From exploring Handel’s Water Music with a class of primary school children to discovering the potential of co-creativity and improvisation with people living with dementia, Open Academy connects you to new opportunities and experiences.

Open Academy Electives, Pathway and Fellowship

Two electives, Open Academy and Advanced Open Academy, are available for undergraduate students, giving the opportunity to gain skills and experience in the field of learning and participation. Postgraduate students can explore work in this area as part of their professional portfolio by choosing the Open Academy Pathway. Open Academy also offers fellowships to graduating students who will be the future leaders in this exciting and developing area of work. All Open Academy courses combine teaching from Academy staff, music leaders, composers, and performers. Classroom based sessions cover such topics as collaborative composition, project planning and evaluation, alongside hands-on experience of creative projects with leading practitioners.

Visiting Lecturers and Project Leaders

Isabelle Adams Hannah Opstad
John Barber James Redwood
Sam Glazer Tony Robb
Hazel Gould Jackie Walduck
Gawain Hewitt John Webb
Jessie Maryon Davies Caroline Welsh
James Moriarty Suzi Zumpe


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‘I discovered that in attempting to perform in a way that was engaging for the children I was able to form clearer musical ideas and project these.’ Alice, Academy alumna

‘The Open Academy course was a revelation for me. It showed me ways in which I could use my musical abilities to contribute to society...whilst still seeking performing opportunities of the highest standard. I have been made a more versatile and employable musician by these courses. I am really excited about the ways in which I have developed.’ Adam, Academy alumnus

‘I stumbled across this work a few years ago…at a time when I was feeling quite disconnected from music and it helped me to find a purpose and a different way to share my passion. Since then my focus has been to gain as much experience, working with as many different people from as many different backgrounds as possible, in order to share, explore and create music with anyone, anywhere. It is very easy to underestimate the impact this type of work can have on people and their lives.’ Hermione, Academy alumna